Top 10 iOS Board Game Apps

By Chris / June 21, 2017

Here are our top 10 iOS board game apps

iOS owners have had it nice in terms of getting quality board game ports. While developers often shunned Android owners early on, quality ports were being made for iOS devices. This gives iOS quite a few exclusive titles and they include some of the biggest name board games out there.

We had a tough time trimming this list to ten and even more difficulty deciding on the ordering. We tried to rank based on the overall fun factor of the app above all else which results in some apps which may be lacking in features placing higher than other, full-featured apps. Looking back, we likely gave a little extra weight to iOS exclusives as they often immediately come to mind when considering the topic of iOS board game apps. The ordering makes for a fun debate topic, please bring up all of your critiques in the comment section, but the important thing is that we believe you will enjoy all ten games on this list.

Don’t fret Android owners, we’ve got you covered too. Our Top 10 Android Board Game Apps can be found here. Also be sure to check out our full review database for games that didn't quite make this list.

Click the images to purchase the board games through Amazon, the download links to purchase the apps, and/or the star rating to read the full review.   We love feedback, so feel free to comment at the bottom of the page with your list, or simply to let us know that we nailed it.  


#1 - Agricola

Our Review: 4.5 Stars

Agricola is the quintessential “heavy Euro” game, featuring a laundry list of what have become cliches for the genre: worker placement, point salad, farming, sneakily brutal unforgivingness, nondescript wooden blocks, etc… The app allows new players to try out the game and genre, teaching it through a great tutorial series, and experienced players get to play a variety of modes including solo challenge and online play.

#2 - Star Realms

Our Review: 5 Stars

Download it here with google play

Star Realms gets just about everything right. The two player deckbuilder makes for a fantastic multiplayer game, asynchronous or real-time. The app adds a tough AI opponent and an extensive campaign mode which provides dozens of fresh challenges. The app has been around for awhile but just received a major overhaul and remains fresh to long time and new players alike.

#3 - Race for the galaxy

Our Review: 4.5 Stars

Download it here with google play

Race for the Galaxy was released earlier this year and it's made a big impression. Race is a classic hand management game and the app provides a smooth experience with an active online player base to go along with a great AI system for single player mode. The forthcoming additions of leader boards and stat keeping should only enhance this already great experience.

#4 Carcassone

Our Review: Coming Soon!

The one Carcassonne port to rule them all. Well, not really, but it should have been! This port gets the classic gateway game absolutely right, providing a fantastic version of the board game. Play with a slew of expansions, online or against AI, this is one of the apps that absolutely nails the port and is lucky enough to have a simple, easy to pick up game behind it to give it staying power.

#5 Galaxy Trucker

Our Review: 5 Stars

Download it here with google play

Galaxy Truck is probably the most content packed, complete app out there today. My editor won't give me enough space to list off all of the features but both the single player and online multiplayer games have everything you could possibly want. Tough AI, robust campaign, and array of online options are just the start. If every app were made like this, we'd need more than ten spots on this list.

#6 Onirim

Our Review: 4 Stars

Download it here with google play

Onirim is a solo card/set collection game. The app is a beautiful implementation of the game with smooth, addicting gameplay. While the app currently in only has one expansion available, it still earns a lot of our play time and therefore a placement on this list.

#7 Ascension

Our Review: 4 Stars

Download it here with google play

Ascension is a free to play deckbuilder with a huge library of expansions which have kept it a favorite among digital board game players for a while now. Star Realms may be the preferred deckbuilder around here, but we still appreciate what Ascension offers and that is an extremely fun version of a deckbuilder and a rabid online user base.

#8 Lords of Waterdeep

Our Review: 4 Stars

Download it here with Google Play

The classic worker placement gateway game has been popular for a long time. The game provides a great taste of what the worker placement mechanic is all about and does so in a fun, streamlined package that makes it easy to pick up yet hard to master. The game is fully featured with AI and pass-and-play available offline and real-time and asynchronous online games.

#9 Castles of Mad King Ludwig

Our Review: 4 stars

Download it here with google play

Castles is based on a relatively recent physical game compared to many on this list. It takes a unique approach to the board game port by not having an online multiplayer mode. The app makes up for this with an extensive campaign mode, challenging AI opponents, and a pass-and-play mode. If you are looking for a single player game to dive into, Castles is a great choice.

#10 Sentinels of the Multiverse

Our Review: 4.5 Stars

Download it here with google play

Sentinels is a cooperative card game pitting the players as a group of super heroes facing off against a diabolical villain. The game is definitely a “love it or hate it” type as it is incredibly difficult to the point of it feeling hopeless to start. However, if you enjoy it enough to keep going, the game reveals an amazing level of depth and replayability through a slew of expansions that will keep any player busy for a long time.

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