Upcoming Games

This is your source for the latest breaking news about upcoming board game apps that are currently in development.  Whenever a game in announced or details leaked on social media, we will make sure this page gets the most recent news about which of your favorite board games are coming to mobile devices and when.  This is very much an inexact science as games are often not officially announced until immediately before their release, but we will keep everything updated with any news that does come out.  

Our table below will give a brief overview on the state of a game port and if we've previously featured a game in one of our regular "Upcoming Release" columns‚Äč you will find a link with more information.  A description of what each column means can be found below the table.

GameAndroidiOSETA/StatusLatest UpdateApp DeveloperGame Publisher
Among The StarsYY2018Cublo GamesArtipia Games
Codenames???UpdateCGE DigitalCzech Games Edition
Evolution - The Video GameYYSpring 2018UpdateNorth Star Games DigitalNorth Star Games
Flash Point: Fire RescueNYCrowdfunding CompleteUpdateRetroEpic SoftwareIndie Boards & Cards
Hostage NegotiatorYYOut now!Peter KossitsVan Ryder Games
Isle of Skye??Q1 2018DigidicedMayfair Games
IstanbulYY2018Acram DigitalAEG
Legends of Andor??2018USMKOSMOS
Lord of the Rings The Card GameYY2018Fantasy Flight InteractiveFantasy Flight Games
Munchkin??2018UpdateAsmodee DigitalSteve Jackson Games
One Deck DungeonY (tablet)Y (tablet)April 2018KickstarterHandelabra GamesAsmadi Games
OnitamaYY2018UpdateAsmodee DigitalArcane Wonders
Pixel TacticsYYAlpha TestingUpdateLevel 99 GamesLevel 99 Games
Roll for the GalaxyYY2018UpdateTemple Gate GamesRio Grande Games
ScytheYY2018UpdateKnights of UnityStonemaier Games
Terraforming MarsYY2018UpdateAsmodee DigitalStronghold Games
ZombicideYY2018Asmodee DigitalGuillotine Games

    Android:  Is this game believed to be coming to Android devices

    iOS:  Is this game believed to be coming to iOS devices

    ETA/Status:  An estimated release date, if available, or a brief update on the latest in the development process

    Latest Update:  A link to our feature containing the latest information, if we've done one (if not, check back soon!)

    App Developer:  Company or individual writing the app

    Game Publisher:  Company who published the physical board game

‚ÄčNote that there will be many ?s on this table because information is often difficult to come by for games in development.  Check our update links to get the latest news, and check back regularly as we'll update this page as soon as we find out more.