Catan VR

By Chris / September 2, 2017

Catan is coming to a VR headset for the 2017 holidays


Catan! If you’re interested in board games as a hobby, chances are that you’ve probably placed some settlers, built some roads and cities and traded sheep with your least favorite cousin because you had no other choice.  It is considered by many to be THE gateway game which helped usher in the current age of a never ending stream strategy board games.  For that, we all must be grateful.

Catan already has a pretty good app.  It’s getting a complete redo soon.  What else is there to conquer? How about Virtual Reality?  That’s right, Catan is entering the VR world in late 2017.  Catan Gmbh, Catan Studio, Asmodee Digital and Experiment 7 are teaming up to translate the classic game.  Details are limited, but it sounds like a fully featured game that can be played against AI or online multiplayer.  

The game promises to bring a fun, interactive element to the digital Catan world.  We have little experience with VR games and honestly aren’t quite sure what to expect here, but anytime a tabletop game breaks new ground like this, we will definitely be watching.

You can keep up with the latest info on the game here, and check out the teaser trailer below.

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