Major Star Realms Update Coming!

By Chris / May 15, 2017

Great news for fans of the Star Realms app, and we here at Pixelated Cardboard definitely fall into this category.  This app is getting a major update in a couple of days!  The visuals are getting a massive overhaul, some game play changes are in the works, and another expansion is being added. Some of the highlights:

The whole game gets a visual makeover. It looks sleeker and becomes more user friendly.

Adding true visual indicator of how many cards somebody has left to discard.

In most cases, a single tap will now zoom into a card, making them easier to access.

Adding true real time games with a timeout clock of 60-90 seconds.

Easier Easy A.I. to help ease new players in.

Colony Wars expansion. 53 new cards adding new abilities to the game

Online level floors. Once you reach a level, you can't drop below that level. It is unclear if you can drop within the level, but I would guess that you still can

Overall, these seem great. The visuals certainly worked before, but we're excited to see what is in store for the update, the screenshots look very promising. The little things they added to increase situational awareness and make it easier to navigate around a game of Star Realms sound great. The real time games were added to encourage true real time play and discourage people from starting multiple real time games at once. This should be the real time games much closer to real time which is great. We enjoyed the fact that you had to keep winning half your games to maintain your level, but the addition of a level-floor makes a lot of sense, especially if you can still drop down to 0 wins within the level.

Of course, new expansions are always welcome.  Colony Wars stands to be the largest expansion yet, and we're excited for all the added variety it will introduce into an already massive Star Realms universe.

The updated version is out May 17th. Star Realms is warning players that any games they have in progress at the time will be lost, so finish those battles!  Win some of those battles by checking out our Star Realms Guide.

The full press release can be found HERE

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