Race for the Galaxy Update Coming

By Chris / June 21, 2017

The already great app is getting some nice changes on Android and iOS!  And a Steam release!


The mobile updates and Steam version will be released on June 27.

​Race for the Galaxy is only a few months old, but it has quickly shot up to the top of our list of favorite board game ports.  We took a detailed look at it in our review.  We were lucky enough to get some information on what is going to be included in the updates, a quick rundown:

Update Features

  • Cross device account linking
  • Stat keeping
  • Multiplayer improvements like timers
  • When checking your high scores in the new stats feature, you'll be able to click on a game and check out how the game looked and how you scored so many points.

This is a nice little list of features.  The cross device account linking is huge for some people, you can now play a game on your phone and then pick it up later on a tablet if you want.  This was either a complete non-issue for you if you didn't mix devices or a huge annoyance if you did, it's great to see this getting fixed for those it affected.

Stat keeping is something we asked for in our review, it will be great to see how we have stacked up in our games. We do appreciate that the feature wasn't available at launch so all of those early, embarrassing losses will be off the books. Getting the option to go back and look at specific games will be a cool addition. Adding timers to multiplayer games could mean a lot of things. Will it mean real-time games? Who knows, we'll find out next week.

The last bit of news here, which might be burying the lede for some, is that the game will get a release on Steam the same day as the app updates roll out.  We don't cover Steam games here, so we threw that tidbit at the bottom here, but we're sure this will be big news to many.

Once again, the app updates and Steam version will be available on June 27.  We highly recommend checking out this great app if you haven't already.

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