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By Chris / April 8, 2018
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Sumer is a straight-to-digital board game from Studio Wumpus.  One of the game's designers/programmers, Sig Gunnarsson, was kind enough to agree to be our first developer interview last Summer.  That interview, which you can read here, focused on Triple Agent!, a digital social deduction game that was releasing at the time.  We briefly mentioned Sumer as a Steam game at the time.  This week Studio Wumpus released Sumer on the Nintendo Switch.  We haven't been in the habit of covering Switch games here, but to our (very non-exhaustive) knowledge, Sumer is the first of its kind to make its way to Switch.  Certainly none of the other non-ports we have covered are out on Switch, at the very least.

Sumer promises a mix of worker-placement mechanics with more traditional videogame-like interaction.  One of us here at Pixelated Cardboard happens to have a Switch, and the game is downloaded, but we haven't had the chance to play it.  We will be sure to pass along some thoughts after we get the chance to sit down with the game.

For now, check out the official press release below with all the links you need along with a trailer and screenshots.

Full Press Release

April 5th 2018 - Studio Wumpus is bringing board game night to Nintendo Switch with Sumer, a family friendly strategy game where you play as Sumerian nobles competing to sacrifice to the goddess Inanna.

Sumer is a love-letter to board games and is inspired by games like Settlers of Catan and other great innovations in board game design over the past decade. It pulls from ancient Mesopotamian mythology and history and pits players against each other in a non-violent competition of prayer and sacrifice. The game plays through several rounds where you gather resources, compete in auction and build up a ziggurat in honor of the great goddess.

Studio Wumpus is a four person studio that has been working on Sumer for the past three years. The game is already on Steam Early Access but has found the perfect local multiplayer platform with Nintendo Switch. The game has been in the official selection at several festivals as well as being an honorable mention at the 2016 IGF Awards.
Sumer costs 14.99 USD and is out today on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo eShop Link |  Official Website  |  Sumer on Twitter |  Sumer on Facebook

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