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By Chris / September 15, 2017
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This is not a drill people, those links above are live, go get this app.  Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization is out now on for both Android and iOS from Czech Games Edition (CGE).  Like right now, go get it!  The game currently sits #2 on the all time BoardGameGeek rankings.  It is a Vlaada Chvátil masterpiece in which players attempt to build the most grand civilization, ultimately to be judged by how much culture they have produced at the end of the game.  The game takes players through the history of the world, using a card drafting mechanic to add new effects to the game.  

One of the things that really jumps out about Through the Ages is how heavy/complex the game is.  We've seen some weighty games ported before, Terra Mystica is maybe the best example up until now.  Through the Ages is widely considered to be more complex than Terra Mystica.  The playtime of the board game also dwarfs that of others to receive digital ports.  Going digital will naturally speed things up, but how much?

If having one of the highest regarded games, more complex, meaty, length, whatever-y than anything that has made its way to your mobile device before wasn't enough to get you excited, take a look at the only other game CGE has ported so far:  Galaxy Trucker.  Go ahead, check out the review.  It is easily the most feature-packed app we have ever seen.  It's exceptionally well done, but that wasn't enough for CGE Digital, they keep it fresh with constantly rotating challenges, a fantastic expansion, and more.  Given that pedigree from CGE, we are beyond excited to download Through the Ages and get started.  

Check below for the app details, along with a screenshot and the official trailer.  We will likely need some time to dive into this one, but be assured we will provide the most detailed review out there once we have played enough to comment on the app.  Some of the key app features:

  • Complete tutorial to learn the game
  • Online multiplayer and local pass-and-play
  • AI games with unique skill sets 
  • A new streamlined version of the rules for digital play, or you can play the original board game rules
  • A set of single player challenges to complete
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