About Us

Who Are We?

We’re a group of friends who like playing a good tabletop game. We got older, life changed, and the chances to sit down with each other in the same room to roll some dice decreased. Naturally, we are drawn towards digital adaptations of these board games we love. As more and more quality games get ported to app form, we are loving all of the new choices and hope to cover as many as possible here.

What Do We Cover?

First and foremost, we will be covering strategy board game ports. This means no ______ With Friends, Super Mario Run, Angry or Flappy Birds, Clash of ______, or any similar titles. We will stick exclusively to board game ports. We will also likely avoid the dozens of copies of Risk/Monopoly/Scrabble/whatever that are on the app stores.

We have both Android and iOS users. We will cover both platforms, including phone and tablet implementations of both, and be sure to note which games go cross platform. We have played dozens of the apps and will be adding our reviews over time, but we will make a point to cover the big name new releases as well.

We love playing games in person, but the dwindling time available to do so means we will inevitably find ourselves playing app versions of games we’ve never played before. We will note when we have played the physical copies of a game and provide comparisons, but we will also make sure that every game we review gets tested by somebody on our team who hasn’t played the physical version. Why? So that we can provide an account of how easy the game is to pick up and how good the tutorial/user manuals in the app are.

What Are We Going To Write?

Our goal is to provide a brief overview of the game and go into more detail on the quality of the app port and what options are available. There are dozens of YouTube videos and written reviews which cover the rules and gameplay of the board games thoroughly, while we want to convey the very basics, we don’t want to recreate the excellent videos that already exist.

We hope our reviews provide the information needed to help you understand what you’re going to get for your money.

How can you reach us?

Email: pixelatedcardboard@gmail.com

Facebook: @pixelatedcardboard

Twitter: @pixelcardboard