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Below is our running, ever-updating board game app review database of games we have written in-depth reviews for, and even a few we are currently working on.  You will find all of the basic information about the app at a glance from platform, online options, play time, etc...  Click our rating to read our review, we go into depth on each of the games we take a look at, breaking down the pros and cons alike.  We hope this page will provide a quick-look overview of all of the games we have covered.  We have included details we are important to use when looking for our next game to play.  Give us a shout out on social media if you think there is some high level details we are missing in this table.  

We keep this page updated with the games we are currently reviewing, so check back soon for those full reviews to be published or to see what is coming soon.  A brief summary of what the columns mean can be found below the table.  To see how we would rank these games, check out our top ten lists for Android and iOS.

GameOur ReviewReview DateAndroidiOSSteamOnline MultiplayerAsync PlayCross- PlatformPass-and-PlayPlayer CountGame LengthApp DeveloperGame Publisher
30 Rails3.5 out of 52020-03-23YNNNNNN110Maxim MatyushenkoJulian Anstey
7 Wonders4 out of 52017-12-27YYNYNYN1-75Outer Zone EntertainmentRepos Productions
7 Wonders Duel3.5 out of 52019-10-29YYNYNYY1-25Outer Zone EntertianmentRepos Productions
Aeon's End5 out of 52019-09-30YYYNNNY130Handelabra GamesIndie Boards and Cards
Agricola4.5 out of 52017-07-02NYNYYNY1-530-45Playdek, Inc.Mayfair Games
Age of Rivals4.5 out of 52017-07-21YYYYNYY1-210-15Roboto GamesNone
Among the Stars4 out of 52018-05-14YYNYYYY1-425Cublo GamesArtipia Games
Antihero4.5 out of 52018-01-17YYYYYYY1-220Versus EvilNone
Ascension4 out of 52017-06-08YYYYYYY1-410-30Playdek, Inc.Stone Blade Entertainment
Assembly3.5 out of 52019-02-27YYNNNNN1< 5Wren GamesWren Games
Avowel (Wordsy)4.5 out of 52020-01-18YNNNNNN15Wheeler GamesFormal Ferret Games
Baseball Highlights 20453 out of 52017-08-04YYNNNNY1-220-30Peter KossitsEagle-Gryphon Games
Bohnanza The Duel4 out of 52018-02-07YYYYYYY1-220DigidicedAmigo Games
Bottom of the 9th4 out of 52017-08-22YYYYNYY1-22-10Handelabra GamesGreater Than Games
Burgle Bros5 out of 52017-08-15YYYNNNY1-415-30Fowers GamesFowers Games
Carcassonne (Asmodee)4 out of 52017-12-05YYYYYYY1-615Asmodee DigitalZ-Man Games
Carcassonne (Android)4 out of 52017-05-09YNNYYNY1-65-30ExozetZ-Man Games
Cartographers3.5 out of 52020-08-25YYNNNNN110Brettspielwelt GmbHThunderworks Games
The Castles of Burgundy5 out of 52019-03-04YYYYYYY1-430DigidicedRavensburger
Castles of Mad King Ludwig4 out of 52017-05-30YYNNNNY1-420-30Jeremiah MaherBezier Games
Cat Lady4 out of 52018-11-08YYYNNNY1-45Nomad GamesAEG
Catan2.5 out of 52017-05-20YYNYNYY1-420-30USMCatan Studios
Catan Universe3 out of 52019-03-22YYYYNYN1-425USMCatan Studios
Charterstone4 out of 52020-03-25YYYYYYY1-620Acram DigitalStonemaier Games
Coffee Roaster3.5 out of 52019-10-07YYNNNNN115Brettspielwelt GmbHStronghold Games
Colt Express3.5 out of 52017-07-28YYYYNYN1-610-15Asmodee DigitalLudonaute
Concordia4.5 out of 52021-10-04YYYYYYY1-630Acram DigitalRio Grande Games
Constantinople4 out of 52018-01-12YYNNNNN15Boardnaut StudiosSteve Ashing (PnP)
Cottage Garden4 out of 52017-10-16YYYYYYY1-420DigidicedStronghold Games
5 out of 52024-01-25YYYYYYY1-65-10Temple Gates GamesRio Grande Games
Dragon Castle3.5 out of 52019-12-23YYNYYYY1-410Studio ClangoreHorrible Games
Dream Home3.5 out of 52020-02-08YYYYYYY1-45-10Asmodee DigitalRebel Games
Eight Minute Empire4 out of 52017-12-24 (U)YYYYYYY1-55Acram DigitalRed Raven Games
Elder Sign: Omens4 out of 52019-04-09YYNNNNY1-430Fantasy Flight GamesFantasy Flight Games
Epic4.5 out of 52020-02-17YYYYYYN1-210White Wizard GamesWhite Wizard Games
Everdell3.5 out of 52022-08-30YYYYYYY1-415-20Dire Wolf DigitalStarling Games
Evolution4.5 out of 52019-02-12YYYYYYY1-410North Star Digital StudiosNorth Star Games
Feud3.5 out of 52019-05-26YYYYYYY1-210BearwavesNone
Fluxx4 out of 52019-07-27YYNYYYY1-45-10Playdek, Inc.Looney Labs
Football Highlights 20523 out of 52020-06-08YYNNNNN125Peter KossitsEagle-Gryphon Games
Fort Sumter4 out of 52019-05-26YYYYYYY1-215Playdek Inc.GMT Games
The Fox in the Forest3 out of 52021-10-18YYYYNYN1-210Dire Wolf DigitalRenegade Game Studios
Friday3 out of 52017-09-16 (U)YYNNNNN15-15Brettspielwelt GmbHRio Grande Games
Fury of Dracula4 out of 52020-11-13NNYYNNY1-230-60Nomad GamesFantasy Flight Games
Gaia Project4.5 out of 52022-02-09YYYYYYY1-430Digidiced GamesFeuerland Spiele
Galaxy Trucker5 out of 52017-06-15YYYYYYY1-410CGE DigitalCzench Games Edition
Ganz Schön Clever4.5 out of 52018-08-04YYNNNNN15Brettspielwelt GmbHSchmidt Spiele
Hardback4.5 out of 52018-07-11YYNYYYY1-510Fowers GamesFowers Games
Hex Roller4 out of 52019-11-01YYNNNNN1-25Outline DevelopmentFrosted Games
Hostage Negotiator4 out of 52018-02-16YYNNNNN15-10Peter KossitsVan Ryder Games
Imperial Settlers Roll & Write4.5 out of 52020-05-20YYNNNNN15-10Portal Games DigitalPortal Games
Indian Summer4 out of 52018-10-22YYYYYYY1-415DigidicedSpielwiese
Isle of Skye4 out of 52018-07-29YYYYYYY1-520DigidicedLookout Spiele
Istanbul4 out of 52018-06-29YYYYYYY1-515Acram DigitalAEG
Jaipur4.5 out of 52017-06-01YYNYNYY1-210Asmodee DigitalGameWorks
Kahuna3.5 out of 52019-02-20YYNYYNN1-210USM GamesKOSMOS
King and Assassins3.5 out of 52018-08-26YYYYNNY1-25-10Asmodee DigitalGalakta
King Tactics3.5 out of 52019-12-20YYNYNYY1-25-10USM GamesKOSMOS
Legendary DXP3.5 out of 52018-05-30YYYYNYN1-515Upper DeckUpper Deck
Legends of Andor - The King's Secret4.5 out of 52019-01-30YYNNNNY115-30Daedalic Entertainment BavariaKOSMOS
Lords of Waterdeep4.5 out of 52018-07-22 (U)YYYYYYY1-520-30Playdek, Inc.Wizards of the Coast
Love Letter3.5 out of 52018-10-28YYYYNYN1-415Nomad GamesZ-Man Games
Maracaibo3.5 out of 52022-01-20YYNNNNY1-430-45Spiralburst StudioCapstone Games
Maze Machina4.5 out of 52020-01-29YYNNNNN15-30Tinytouchtales
Meteorfall4.5 out of 52018-02-11YYNNNNN130SlothwerksNone
The Mind3 out of 52018-12-28YYNYNYN1-410Brettspielwelt GmbHPandasaurus Games
Miracle Merchant4.5 out of 52017-08-08YYNNNNN1< 5Tiny Touch TalesNone
Morels4 out of 52018-12-02YYNYYYY1-25Mossbark GamesTwo Lanterns Games
Mysterium2.5 out of 52017-07-07YYYYNYY1-75-10Asmodee DigitalLibellud
Mystic Vale4 out of 52019-06-11YYYYNYY1-415Nomad GamesAEG
Mythical4 out of 52019-01-23YYYYNYN1-430Laser RanchNone
Noch Mal!4 out of 52018-11-01YYNNNNY1-25Outline DevelopmentSchmidt Spiele
Oceans Lite4 out of 52020-12-08YYNNNNY (w/IAP)115North Star Digital StudiosNorth Star Games
On Tour4 out of
One Deck Dungeon5 out of 52018-06-06YYYNNNY1-225Handelabra GamesAsmadi Games
Onirim4 out of 52017-08-03 (U)YYYNNNN15-10Asmodee DigitalZ-Man Games
Onitama4.5 out of 52018-09-07YYNYYYY1-2< 5Asmodee DigitalArcade Wonders
Pandemic4 out of 52017-06-19YYYNNNY1-410-30Asmodee DigitalZ-Man Games
Paperback4 out of 52017-11-17YYNYYYY1-415Fowers GamesFowers Games
Patchwork4 out of 52017-08-29YYYYYYY1-210-20DigidicedMayfair Games
Pathfinder Adventures4 out of 52018-01-29YYYNNNN1-430+Obsidian EntertainmentPaizo Publishing
Pavlov's House3.5 out of 52021-03-31NYYNNNN130Bookmark GamesDan Verssen Games
Potion Explosion3.5 out of 52018-07-21YYYYYYY1-415Asmodee DigitalHorrible Games
Race for the Galaxy5 out of 52017-05-19YYYYYYN1-410Temple Gate GamesRio Grande Games
Raiders of the North Sea4.5 out of 52019-07-30YYYYYYN1-430Dire Wolf DigitalRenegade Game Studios
Railroad Ink Challenge4.5 out of 52021-06-29YYNYYYN15Horrible GuildHorrible Guild
Red 73.5 out of 52017-11-23YYNYNYY1-4< 5Silver Bullet GamesAsmadi Games
Roll For It!4 out of 52018-02-28YYNYYYY1-45-10Thunderbox EntertainmentCalliope Games
Roll for the Galaxy4.5 out of 52020-08-21YYYYYYY1-510Temple Gates GamesRio Grande Games
Root4.5 out of 52020-10-15YYYYYYY1-430-40Dire Wolf DigitalLeder Games
Sagrada4 out of 52020-03-31YYYYYYY1-410Dire Wolf DigitalFloodgate Games
San Juan3 out of 52017-05-23YYNYNNY1-415Ravensburger DigitalRavensburger
Santorini4 out of 52019-07-10YYNYNYY1-25Roxley GamesRoxley Games
Sentinels of the Multiverse4.5 out of 52017-05-04YYYYNYY1-530-45Handelabra StudiosGreater Than Games
Shards of Infinity4.5 out of 52019-05-07YYYYYYY1-410Temple Gates GamesStoneblade Entertainment
Silver4 out of 52019-08-11YYNNNNN110Bezier GamesBezier Games
Small World 24 out of 52017-05-17YYYYYYY1-510-30Asmodee DigitalDays of Wonder
Smash Up3 out of 52017-10-28YYYYNYY1-420Asmodee DigitalAEG
Solar Settlers4.5 out of 52019-04-16YYYNNNN115Brain Good GamesNone
Spirit Island5 out of 52020-07-29YYYNNNY110-30Handelabra GamesGreater Than Games
Splendor4.5 out of 52017-07-14YYYYNYY1-410-30Asmodee DigitalSpace Cowboys
Squire for Hire4.5 out of 52020-10-05YYNNNNY1-45Letiman GamesLetiman Games
Star Realms5 out of 52017-04-24YYYYYYY1-210White Wizard GamesWhite Wizard Games
Steam Rails to Riches4.5 out of 52018-01-06YYYYYYY1-5 (6 w/IAP)20-30Acram DigitalMayfair Games
Stockpile4 out of 52018-10-05YYYYYYY1-5DigidicedNauvoo Games
Suburbia4 out of 52017-08-10YYNY (iOS)Y (iOS)NY1-410-20Jeremiah MaherBézier Games
Takenoko3.5 out of 52019-12-06yYYYYYY1-410Asmodee DigitalBombyx
Talisman4 out of 52018-05-25YYYYNYY1-690Nomad GamesGames Workshop
Talisman: Origins4 out of 52019-09-09YYYNNNN115-60Nomad GamesGames Workship
Terra Mystica4 out of 52017-05-05YYYYYYY1-530-60DigidicedFeuerland Spiele
Terraforming Mars3 out of 52019-12-13YYYYYYY1-540Asmodee DigitalStronghold Games
Thrive4 out of 52021-11-27YYNNNNY1-25Abstract GamesAbstract Games
Through the Ages5 out of 52017-09-28YYYYYYY1-430-40CGE DigitalCzech Games Edition
Ticket to Ride3.5 out of 52017-04-22YYYYYYY1-510-15Asmodee DigitalDays of Wonder
Tides of Time3.5 out of 52019-03-14YYNNNNY1-210Portal Games DigitalPortal Games
Tigris and Euphrates4 out of 52019-04-05YYNY (iOS)Y (iOS)NY1-415Codito DevelopmentZ-Man Games
Tokaido3 out of 52017-06-28YYYYNYY1-510-20FunForge DigitalAsterion Press
Tournament of Dragons4 out of 52019-07-14YYNYNYY1-46-8Decisive AINone
Tsuro3.5 out of 52018-01-22YYNYYYY1-83-10Thunderbox EntertainmentCalliope Games
Twice as Clever4.5 out of 52019-02-06YYNNNNN15Brettspielwelt GmbHSchmidt Spiele
Twilight Struggle4.5 out of 52017-11-3YYYYYNY1-260Playdek, Inc.GMT Games
Ubongo4 out of 52020-04-03NNN (Switch)NNNY1-4<1USM GamesKOSMOS
Viticulture4.5 out of 52020-06-15YYYYYYY1-625DigidicedStonemaier Games
Wingspan4 out of 52020-09-17NNYYYNY1-520Monster CouchStonemaier Games
Yellow & Yangtze5 out of 52020-01-15YYNYYYY1-420Dire Wolf DigitalGrail Games
Zombicide4 out of 52019-04-25YYNNNNN110-30Asmodee DigitalCMON
Zombies!!! Board Game0.5 out of 52017-11-10YYNYYYY1-520-30BabarogaTwilight Creations

Our Review:  Our rating out of a possible 5 (click to read our in depth review with download links)

Review Date:  The date we reviewed the game, or the date it was last updated if we made a significant update due to an app update/expansion

Android:  Is this app available on Android devices?

iOS:  Is this app available on iOS devices?

Tablet Only: Is this app exclusively for tablets? (a * here means it technically isn't tablet only, but the game plays very poorly on phones)

Online Multiplayer:  Does this app feature online multiplayer?

Asynchronous Play:  Does this app feature online play where you can take your turns at a slower pace, exiting the app and returning later?

Cross-Platform:  Does this app feature online play where you can play against users on a different platform?

Pass-and-Play:  Does this app feature local multiplayer games where you pass the device between players?

Player Count:  How many players does the game play, including multiplayer

In-App Purchases:  Does this app contain in-app purchases

Game Length:  Generally expected play time for an offline game, in minutes

App Developer:  Company or individual who published the app

Game Publisher: Company who publishes the physical board game (PnP = print-and-play game, so the "publisher" is the designer in this case)