Rating System

How we rate

Ratings can get tricky, they can be deceiving, they are always somewhat arbitrary. So why do we have them? Because we, like everyone else on the internet, love the instant gratification of seeing a score assigned to an object! We’ll try to explain what we’re thinking when reviewing an app…

First off, a common question is whether we are reviewing the app or the game it is based on. That’s tricky, but the answer is a little of both. We are primarily concerned with how much fun the game is and how well the app is made. The former is obviously quite dependent on the source material. If somebody ports a board game we can’t stand, chances are we won’t love the app either. However, there are chances for the app to add to the original game to expand the experience with a campaign mode, extra options, or something else. As for how well the app is made, that’s a little bit simpler, we care about the usability, features, visual appeal, and controls of the app.

The bottom line is, we will convey the reasoning behind the score in each review. When we dock a game, we want to you leave the review knowing exactly why we thought it was lacking, giving you the chance to make an informed decision on whether these issues would be deal-breakers for you or not.

What our scores mean

5 stars

An extremely well made app of a fun game.  We are happy to recommend this to everyone.

4 stars

Great, but not a life changer. Definitely worth the download.  Highly recommended if the game interests you.

3 stars

Multiple warts  in the game application. There are issues, but overall the app remains playable & fun. 

2 stars

There are bright spots, but overall the app is lacking.  We recommend approaching with caution. 

1 star

Serious issues all around. We do not recommend. Major game play & Graphic problems. Glitches galore.