All Games Database

Below is our running, ever-updating board game app database.  This list is meant to be comprehensive, if we have any errors please contact us so we can correct them.  The table has download links to the iOS and Android versions.  If one of these two columns is blank, it means the game isn't available on that platform.  We intend to review as many of these as possible over time, check out our review database to get an overview of the features for the growing list of games we have reviewed, and check out individual reviews for an in-depth look into the games.  

Before we go any further, we have to thank Suzanne for all of the work she has done maintaining her list.  We always wanted to create the most complete experience for our users and a current list of absolutely everything available was always on our wishlist.  If you've searched out something along those lines before, you've probably come across her Google Doc on the matter pretty quickly.  Her list was invaluable as a starting point for us creating this database, we just wanted to share our thanks to her here.  You can find Suzanne on Twitter @425suzanne

A couple of notes on the columns:

  • Release Year was requested by readers to help quickly find new releases.  We aren't going to go back through all of the old games to look up their original dates, but we have marked new games from 2017 and 2018, and will continue to do this as new games are added.  This will allow you to sort quickly for recent releases.
  • BGG Rank is the rank of any game which lands in the top 500 on Board Game Geek's overall game list.  Note that these were the rankings at the time of this list being updated or the game being added.  If a game ranked 47 when we added it and later got bumped down to 49, we probably won't update it on this list.  What's the difference between 47 and 49, anyway?  The intent is to let users find highly acclaimed games.

We will keep this list updated as new games are being released.  

(Any App Store links with an * are only available for 32-bit devices, which means they won't be available on any relatively new Apple devices)

GameiOSAndroidSteamNintendo SwitchRelease YearBGG Rank
1775: RebellionApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam266
1812: The Invasion of CanadaApp StoreGoogle Play
1st and GoalApp StoreGoogle Play
30 RailsGoogle Play20204210
6 Takes! (6 Nimmt!)App StoreGoogle Play
7 WondersApp StoreGoogle Play201743
7 Wonders DuelApp StoreGoogle Play201917
9 ElefantsApp StoreGoogle Play
A Brief History of the WorldApp Store
A Game of ThronesSteam2020127
AbaloneApp StoreGoogle Play
Aeon's EndApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam201978
Age of RivalsApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam2017
Agricola (Revised)App StoreGoogle PlaySteam202020
Agricola All Creatures Big & SmallApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam189
Alan Newman's DynastiesApp Store
AlhambraApp StoreGoogle Play407
The aMAZEing LabyrinthApp StoreGoogle Play
Among the StarsApp StoreGoogle Play2018452
AntiheroApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam2018
Army of FrogsApp Store
AscensionApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam
AssemblyApp StoreGoogle Play2019
AtacamaApp Store
Auf AchseGoogle Play2021
Avignon Clash of PopesApp StoreGoogle Play
Avowel (Wordsy)App StoreGoogle Play2020
AXIO octaApp StoreGoogle Play
BananagramsApp StoreGoogle Play2019
Baseball Highlights 2045App StoreGoogle Play377
Battle LineApp Store185
BattleloreApp StoreGoogle Play259
BlokusApp Store
Blood BowlApp StoreGoogle Play264
Blood RageSteam202032
Bohnanza The DuelApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam2017
Boss MonsterApp StoreGoogle Play
Bottom of the 9thApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam2017
BrassApp StoreGoogle Play25
Burgle BrosApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam2017193
Cadwallon: City of ThievesApp Store
Café InternationalApp StoreGoogle Play
Camel UpApp StoreGoogle Play391
Can't StopApp Store
The Captain is DeadApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam20211075
CarcassonneApp StoreGoogle PlaySteamNintendo Switch141
Card WarsApp StoreGoogle Play
CartographersApp StoreGoogle Play2020185
Castle DiceApp Store20192382
The Castles of BurgundyApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam201913
Castles of Mad King LudwigApp StoreGoogle Play85
Cat LadyApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam2018
CatanApp StoreGoogle PlayNintendo Switch294
Catan UniverseApp StoreGoogle PlaySteamComing Soon!
CaylusApp Store46
CharterstoneApp StoreGoogle PlaySteamComing Soon!2020242
Chicken Cha Cha ChaApp Store
Civilization VIApp Store
Clever CubedApp StoreGoogle Play2020
ClueApp StoreGoogle Play
Coffee RoasterApp StoreGoogle Play2019
Collapsible D: The Final Minutes of the TitanicApp Store
Colt ExpressApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam311
Command and Colours: The Great WarApp StoreGoogle Play
ConcordiaApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam202118
The ConfrontationApp Store
ConstantinopleApp StoreGoogle Play
Core WorldsApp Store
Cottage GardenApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam2017
CoupApp StoreGoogle Play398
Cthulhu RealmsApp StoreGoogle Play
CycladesApp Store*
Dead Man's DrawApp Store
Dice HospitalApp StoreGoogle Play2021842
Dice MonstersApp Store
Dice TownApp Store
Dino Hunt DiceApp Store
Dominant SpeciesApp Store49
Dragon CastleApp StoreGoogle Play2019551
Dream HomeApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam2019850
Dresden FilesApp StoreGoogle Play
Dungeon HeroesApp Store
Eclipse: New Dawn for the GalaxyApp StoreGoogle Play36
Eight Minute EmpireApp StoreGoogle PlaySteamNintendo Switch2017
Elder SignApp StoreGoogle Play473
Elevenses For OneGoogle Play
Epic Card GameApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam20201693
EverdellApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam202231
EvolutionApp StoreGoogle PlaySteamComing Soon!2019361
Exploding KittensApp StoreGoogle Play
Fairy TaleApp StoreGoogle Play
FealtyApp Store*
FeudApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam2019
Finished!App Store2020
FluxxApp StoreGoogle Play2019
Food FightApp Store
Football Highlights 2052App StoreGoogle Play2020
For The WinApp Store
Forbidden DesertApp Store274
Forbidden IslandApp Store
Fort SumterApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam2019
Fowl PlayApp Store
The Fox in the ForestApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam2021438
FridayApp StoreGoogle Play2017315
Fury of DraculaApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam2020212
Gaia ProjectApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam20217
Galaxy of TrianApp StoreGoogle Play
Galaxy TruckerApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam136
The GameApp StoreGoogle Play
Gang of FourApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam20191745
Ganz Schon CleverApp StoreGoogle Play2018374
Gem RushApp StoreGoogle Play2018
Ghost BlitzApp StoreGoogle Play
Ghost StoriesApp Store*202
Gipsy KingApp Store
Glass RoadGoogle Play211
GloomApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam2018
GubsApp Store
HaggisApp Store
HaraldApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam
HardbackApp StoreGoogle Play2018
Haru IchibanApp Store
Heroes of NormandieApp Store
Hex RollerApp StoreGoogle Play2019
Hey, That's My FishApp StoreGoogle Play
High SocietyApp Store
HiveGoogle Play204
Horus Heresy: Drop AssaultApp StoreGoogle Play
Hostage NegotiatorApp StoreGoogle Play2018
Infection: Humanity's Last GaspApp Store
ImperialApp Store*
Imperial Setlers: Roll & WriteApp StoreGoogle Play2020
Indian SummerApp Store*Google PlaySteam2018
InkognitoApp StoreGoogle Play
Isle of SkyeApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam2018157
IstanbulApp StoreGoogle PlaySteamNintendo Switch201890
JaipurApp StoreGoogle Play2017112
KahunaApp StoreGoogle Play
KamisadoApp StoreGoogle Play
Keltis (Knizia)App Store
King and AssassinsApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam2018
King Tactics (The Rose King)App StoreGoogle Play20191140
Kingdom BuilderApp StoreGoogle Play468
KingdomsApp Store
KingsburgApp Store*276
Kingsport FestivalApp Store*Google Play
Krosmaster ArenaApp StoreGoogle Play
Labyrinth (Knizia)App Store*Google Play
Land 6App StoreGoogle Play
Lanterns The Harvest FestivalApp StoreGoogle Play
Las Vegas!App Store
Le HavreApp Store
Le Havre Inland PortApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam
Leaping LemmingsApp Store
Legendary DXPApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam2017
Legends of Andor - The King's SecretApp StoreGoogle Play2019323
LigrettoApp StoreGoogle Play
Lines of Gold (Knizia)App Store*
Lord of the Rings: Living Card GameSteam2018110
Lords of WaterdeepApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam52
Lost CitiesApp Store293
LotusApp StoreGoogle Play
Love LetterApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam2018220
Mage: The AscensionApp StoreGoogle Play
Magic DuelsApp Store
The Manhattan ProjectApp StoreGoogle Play224
MaquisApp StoreGoogle Play
MaracaiboApp StoreGoogle Play202240
Masters Gallery (Modern Art)Google Play221
Max The CatApp Store
Maze MachinaApp StoreGoogle Play2020
MediciApp Store
MeteorfallApp StoreGoogle Play2018
MetroApp StoreGoogle Play
Mille BornesApp StoreGoogle Play
The MindApp StoreGoogle Play2018
Mint WorksApp StoreGoogle Play2020766
Modern ArtApp Store217
MoneyApp Store
Monster ChaseApp StoreGoogle Play
MorelsApp StoreGoogle Play2018
Mr Jack PocketApp StoreGoogle Play
MysteriumApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam172
Mystic ValeApp StoreGoogle PlaySteamNintendo Switch2019381
MythicalApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam2019
Neuroshima ConvoyApp StoreGoogle Play2020
Neuroshima HexApp StoreGoogle Play216
Neuroshima Hex PuzzleApp Store
NightfallApp Store
Noch mal!App StoreGoogle Play20181058
Oceans LiteApp StoreGoogle Play2020649
On TourApp StoreGoogle Play20191384
One Deck DungeonApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam2018
OnirimApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam2017480
OnitamaApp StoreGoogle Play2018183
Ortus RegniApp StoreGoogle Play
PandemicApp StoreGoogle PlaySteamNintendo Switch75
PaperbackApp StoreGoogle Play2017319
PatchworkApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam58
Pathfinder Adventure Card GameApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam300
Pavlov's HouseApp StoreSteam20212045
Penny Arcade The Game: Gamers vs. EvilApp Store
PerudoApp StoreGoogle Play2018
Phase 10App StoreGoogle Play
Pickomino (Heck Meck)App StoreGoogle Play
Police PrecinctApp StoreGoogle Play
Potion ExplosionApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam406
ProvinceApp Store
Puerto RicoApp Store16
Puzzle StrikeApp Store
QinApp Store
QuartoApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam
QvadrigaApp Store
QwirkleApp Store
QwixxApp StoreGoogle Play
RaApp Store137
Race For The GalaxyApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam201747
Raiders of the North SeaApp StoreGoogle PlaySteamNintendo Switch201984
Railroad Ink ChallengeApp StoreGoogle Play2021
Red 7App StoreGoogle Play
Roll For It!App StoreGoogle Play2018
Roll for the GalaxyApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam202084
RootApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam202031
Rory's Story CubesApp StoreGoogle Play
SagradaApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam2020147
San JuanApp StoreGoogle Play234
Santiago de CubaApp Store
SantoriniApp StoreGoogle Play2019101
Scotland YardApp StoreGoogle Play
ScytheApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam20187
Sentinels of the MultiverseApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam284
SET Pro HDApp Store
Shards of InfinityApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam2019
ShephyApp StoreGoogle Play
SilverApp StoreGoogle Play2019
SimiloApp StoreGoogle Play2019
Skip-BoApp StoreGoogle Play
Small WorldApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam193
Smash UpApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam2017
Solar SettlersApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam2019
Sorcery!App StoreGoogle Play
Space TeamApp StoreGoogle Play
Spirit IslandApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam202013
SplendorApp StoreSteam124
Squire For HireApp StoreGoogle Play2020
Star RealmsApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam87
Steam: Rails to RichesApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam121
StockpileApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam287
Stone AgeApp Store81
StrategoApp StoreGoogle Play
SuburbiaApp StoreGoogle Play98
Summoners WarApp StoreGoogle Play154
Sushi GoApp Store362
Take It EasyApp StoreGoogle Play
TakenokoApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam2019243
TalismanApp StoreGoogle PlaySteamNintendo Switch
Talisman Horus HeresyApp StoreGoogle Play
Talisman OriginsApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam2019
Tanto CuoreApp Store
Terra MysticaApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam20179
Terraforming MarsApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam20193
ThriveApp StoreGoogle Play2021
Through the AgesApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam20173
TichuApp StoreGoogle Play
Ticket to RideApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam132
Ticket to Ride: First JourneyApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam
Tides of TimeApp StoreGoogle Play2019
Tigris and EuphratesApp StoreGoogle Play72
TikalApp Store214
TitanApp StoreGoogle Play
TokaidoApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam453
Tournament of DragonsApp StoreGoogle Play2019278
Treasure HunterApp StoreGoogle Play
TsuroApp StoreGoogle Play
Turn The TideApp Store
Twice as CleverApp StoreGoogle Play2019
Twilight StruggleApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam5
UbongoApp StoreGoogle Play
Ultimate General: GettysburgApp Store
Unreal EstateApp StoreGoogle Play
Vampire: PreludeApp StoreGoogle Play
ViticultureApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam202022
Warhammer 40,000 Deathwatch - Tyranid InvasionApp Store
Warhammer 40,000 Space WolfApp StoreGoogle Play
Warhammer 40,000: ArmageddonApp Store
Warhammer 40.000 CarnageApp StoreGoogle Play
Warhammer 40,000 FreebladeApp StoreGoogle Play
Warhammer QuestApp StoreGoogle Play
Warhammer Quest 2App StoreGoogle Play
Warhammer: Arcane MagicApp StoreGoogle Play
Wars of the RosesApp Store
Web of PowerApp Store*
Whoowasit?App StoreGoogle Play
Wings of GloryApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam
WingspanApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam202020
The Witcher Adventure GameApp StoreGoogle Play
WizardApp Store
XenoshyftApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam
YardmasterApp Store
Yellow & YangtzeApp StoreGoogle PlaySteam20191199
YggdrasilGoogle Play
Yoku-GamiApp Store
YomiApp Store
ZombicideApp StoreGoogle Play2019384
Zombie DiceApp Store
Zombies!!!App StoreGoogle Play