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By Chris / January 25, 2024

We've got a Discord, come join us.


If you've visited our site in the past ::checks notes:: year+, you might have noticed that there hasn't been much activity here. It's been long enough that I feel comfortable saying that Pixelated Cardboard is officially retired. Something might pop up every once in a while, but it should not be expected and nobody should be surprised if nothing actually shows up here ever again.

We started with a vision of creating a space to easily identify which digital board games were right for you. We're proud of the content we created over the years, but our hearts aren't in it anymore. We'd like to shout out the great folks making these apps who have been very kind to us along the way. Knowing I will accidentally leave somebody out, I will still go ahead and call out the companies who were most welcoming to us from the start:  Temple Gates Games, Handelabra, North Star Digital, Digidiced, Wheeler Games, and probably many others I'm forgetting. 

As for what's next? Well, our Discord is as alive and busy as ever. Click here to come join us. All breaking digital board game app related news gets dropped there, we spend a lot of time discussing games and even more setting up digital games to play. It's a great community, I can't recommend it highly enough if digital board games interest you at all.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you on the digital table top soon!

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